Just Because


That was the day….  In Plant City Florida, a few miles outside of Tampa, on the way to Orlando, James Cole scheduled a session with Hip Hop and R&B accomplished producer Cliff Brown.  Lead vocalist of his own band with a Grammy project under his belt, Cliff made more than a name for himself in the music industry.  With a knack for pop tunes and today’s sound, Cliff agreed to work with James on his first studio recordings.  Still, second-guessing his writing talents at the age of 15, James reluctantly shared a song he wrote called FALLING. In brilliant fashion, Cliff crafted an electronic tune with unique digital improvisations coupled with a steady club-type rhythm. Surely a hit to any ears that could hear the instrumental.  However, James, to the surprise of everyone in the studio, accepted the track but rejected his own song FALLEN.  “I’d like to see if I can come up with something else,” said James.  Cliff, no stranger to the creative process, gave James the mp3 file to tinker with.  The same night James put pen to pad and delivered the lyrics to Just Becuase n practically one sitting.  Eager to share his efforts, James rescheduled a session with Cliff.  In a few days, James was back in the studio to record a scratch with the original music for FALLEN.  Now in the booth, As James began to sing the new lyrics, it was as if organic life was being breathed into a mechanical masterpiece.  This digital track made for today’s pop vibe was being perfectly matched with the emotion and rawness of teenage love and it-was-beautiful.  That was the day… everyone knew James Cole was not just a singer or musician, but a songwriter of the future.

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